Alvo Category

+ Operating Lamps and Examination Lamps

Operating lamps (ALVO 6-01) and examination lamp (ALVO 6-02), enables easy adjustment of lamps during surgeries. Operating and examination lamps are available in the following versions: ceiling, wall mounted and mobile. Lamps can be optionally equipped with HD camera, intended for monitoring and recording the run of surgery.

Sources of light in LeD technology have several times longer lifetime in comparison to traditional light sources. It directly contributes to the reduction of waste. In addition, it does not contain lead, mercury and other hazardous substances which will facilitate their future disposal. LED technology also helps to protect our health. Light source in LeD technology produces no harmful UV rays.



+ Operating Table and Accessories

ALVO operating tables have been designed for all kind of surgical operations and treatments. They are characterized with ergonomy and esthetic design. The wide range of additional equipment ensure safe positioning of patient during treatment and operation. Comfort and easy usage, versatility and guarantee of safety for patient and medical staff are the most important advantages of mechanic and hydraulic operating tables ALVO.

Intelligent electronics significantly facilitate control and increase accuracy of table operation. The highest quality, perfect hydraulic system is equipped in technical solutions of the world leading microhydraulics provider. Operating theatre control system Alvo Integra Enables intuitive control of medical equipment and devices in operating theater using wireless touch panel.



The system enables controlling such devices as operating tables, operating lights, general lighting, air-conditioning, laminar flow, video cameras placed in operating lights and rooms, X-ray viewers, video signal dividers, monitors and recorders. Additionally, it enables access to HIS system, transmission and division of video signal, surveying of DICOM files. Alvo Integra can be expanded according to individual customer requirements.


+ Modular Wall

Operating theatre is the part of the hospital in which surgery is carried out. All hospitals strive to minimize the occurrence of post-operation infections and to maximize the number of surgeries carried out, while limiting the construction and exploitation costs. For our panel walls and ceilings, we use stainless steel of the highest quality, which meets international standards and the highest requirements of the health care system