M-IV Screen-Film Mammography

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The M-IV™ screen-film series exemplifies Hologic's commitment to developing advanced imaging technologies that promote the early detection of breast cancer.Designed to provide superior imaging, enhanced operating efficiency and maximum patient comfort, the M-IV Series is the gold standard in screen-film mammography. This high performance platform provides a comprehensive package of features to help busy practices perform at peak efficiency. Hologic is focused on providing the latest innovative solutions to improve mammographic image quality




  • High Transmission Cellular Grid provides higher contrast images
  • Bi-angular X-ray Tube - Custom designed high performance tube for enhanced magnification views
  • FAST Paddle™ - Exclusive fully automated self-adjusting tilt paddle, for more uniform compression
  • 3-Cell, 7 Position AEC Sensor - Unique automatic exposure control for more precise technique selection

And best of all, the M-IV Series offers the industry's most comprehensive upgrade path from screening mammography to stereotactic breast biopsy and digital breast imagin