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DxWorks is a flat panel digital radiography upgrade solution offering Saturn 8000 14x17 wired/wireless detector and/ or a Saturn 17×17 fixed detector. Design for general radiographic applications using a unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector technology.

DxWorks ensures high standards image in precise diagnosis with spatial resolution of 3.5 lp/mm.  The DxWorks console provides workflow improvement by automating all aspects of radiographic image acquisition, without eliminating manual operator control.  Patient demographics are easily generated or transferred from DICOM work list. Exposure and image processing parameters are pre-selected and modified by the operator.

Full resolution and processed images can be viewed and manipulated on the console prior to be sent to PACS for diagnosis and archive. DxWorks offers a complete set of image tools for full, professional image control.

  •   DR Image Acquisition with QC Tools
  •   Automated Detector Calibration
  •   Automated Image Processing and Fast Review
  •   Easy to Learn & Use
  •   Full DICOM Connectivity and PACS transferability
  •   Optional Direct Generator Control       
  •   Built-in Stitching Function
  •   True 14-bit Image Processing
  •   Image Disk Archive (DICOM DIR)
  •   Archive to CD/DVD