Alvo Operating and Examination Lamps

Operating lamps (ALVO 6-01) and examination lamp (ALVO 6-02), enables easy adjustment of lamps during surgeries. Operating and examination lamps are available in the following versions: ceiling, wall mounted and mobile. Lamps can be optionally equipped with HD camera, intended for monitoring and recording the run of surgery.

Sources of light in LED technology have several times longer lifetime in comparison to traditional light sources. It directly contributes to the reduction of waste. In addition, it does not contain lead, mercury and other hazardous substances which will facilitate their future disposal. LED technology also helps to protect our health. Light source in LED technology produces no harmful UV rays.

The LEDs used in operating lamps ALVO 6-01 and examination lamps ALVO 6-02 are characterized by very long lifetime, estimated at more than 50,000 h. In relation to other light 50 or 10 – times longer times between exchanges of light sources, which minimizes service actions. additionally, low energy consumption of LED lamps: 2 or 3 times smaller than traditional operating lamps, enables to save the environment and reduce the cost of maintaining the operating theater.


Operating Lamps (ALVO 6-01 series) (Download Brochure)

 Functions of the operating lamp can be controlled using the touch panel of the aLVO Integra system. Integrated Control system for Operating Theater, the ALVO Integra provides intuitive wireless control for medical equipment and devices in operating theater using the touch panel. The system enables control of such devices as: operating tables, operating lamps, general lighting, air conditioning, laminar ventilation, Cameras incorporated in operating lamps and placed in rooms, X-ray viewers, video splitters, monitors and recorders, doors and venetian blinds in the windows. In addition Integra enables an access to the hIs system, transmission and distribution of video signals, as well as review of DICOM files.


The operating lamp ALVO 6-01 ensures consistent light distribution and it’s high intensity. The suspension and little weight of the lamp as well as comfortable handles enable easy set up and positioning of the operating lamp. Operating lamps aLVO 6-01 are offered in the following configurations of suspension: 

           ° Ceiling suspension – single, double, triple
           ° Wall suspension
           ° mobile basis


Control panels enables work Endoscopy mode which supports the medical personnel during endoscopic surgeries. 



+ Examination Lamps (ALVO 6-02) (Download Brochure)

 The examination lamp ALVO 6-02 uses LED diodes as light source. The most important features are good, persistent technical parameters, low radiation temperature, long and consistent light distribution. The suspension and little weight of the lamp as well as sterile handle enables easy set up and positioning of the examination lamp during examinations or treatments.


 Operating lamps ALVO 6-02 are offered in the following configurations of suspension: 

            ° Ceiling suspension – single
            ° Wall suspension
            ° mobile basis