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CarePlus Nurse Call and Messaging System is a new 3rd generation IP based Nurse Call System designed for hospital and aged care applications. This latest IP (web) technology system provides significant features and benefits over older generation systems, by providing a simple web based user interface and intuitive reporting systems. The diagram below shows the various modules that can be quickly and easily added to the CarePlus system:


              Key Features

                        + CarePlus systems are fully IP compliant installations enabling advanced software reporting on your computer network.

                        + CarePlus provides real time “ward status” reports and nurse call response time reports to networked PCs and whiteboards

                        + CarePlus is a software feature rich system, providing over 28 interfaces into legacy

                        + Systems including; fire, security, BMS as well as a range of wireless communications systems including: Vocera, Dect Kirk and paging systems.

                        + The CarePlus control module is designed to work on your current infrastructure resulting in substantial cost savings.

                        + CarePlus is backwards compatible with some existing installed legacy nurse call systems. There is no need to shut down wards to upgrade

                        + CarePlus is not only a nurse call system but is also a fully independent and networkable paging system

                        + CarePlus enables easy installation and remote maintenance as well as easy system software upgrades.


Why CarePlus from Next Intelligence

The name says it all. The key to unlocking the secret of higher patient and nursing staff satisfaction with less adverse outcomes is good communication. If the right person gets the right message then the reason for the call can be dealt with immediately. Most user screens are a simple web interface making every computer or PDA a potential workstation. CarePlus takes your hospital communications to the next level of intelligence with the added bonus of a quiet and efficient nurse call system


Clinicians on the move:

   Let’s face it, nurses and doctors should be the fittest people in our community considering the distance they have to walk each day just to do their job. Mobile communications are essential in the modern hospital environment. Wireless telephones, pagers, Vocera badges, e-mails on PDAs, and SMS text messaging are all ways mobile staff receive alerts and messaging. CarePlus can deliver all of these from within the CarePlus central control module, no expensive interfaces or middleware needed


Improved workflow made easy:

   CarePlus can provide you with the tools to improve staff workflow and increase patient throughput. The “ward status” view instantly gives care staff the whole picture of the wards activity to ensure critical issues are quickly addressed. CarePlus have partnered with Fujitsu to provide a comprehensive Bed Management System that allows nurses, housekeepers and porters to receive prompt workflow notifi cations for patient discharge & admission, bed cleaning and patient ushering purposes resulting in better patient throughput and hospital revenues.


Reporting Module Screen Shots:

Looking for Lower Cost of Ownership:

   CarePlus system was designed to keep ongoing maintenance to a minimum with remote login and proactive fault reporting to maintenance engineers. Additionally, structured cabling allows any input to be mapped to any output reducing installation costs with click and play inputs and outputs


Looking for CAT5 network cable plan:

   CarePlus joins in with your existing network - no need for a duplicate network architecture. CarePlus uses standard CAT5e/6 cable, RJ connectors, and common networking topology to conform to your other networks, simplifying system installation, management and support