Aycan X-ray Print Paper

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The aycan xray-print solution lets you print radiological and other medical images on standard paper at near film quality. It fits seamlessly into traditional- and PACS workflows. The affordable solution lets you easily share images with referring physicians and patients. aycan xray-print can be connected to all DICOM print imaging modalities and is operated like a film camera. Aycan successfully installed the aycan xray-print solution more than 800 times worldwide during the past 10 years. Continuous improvement, unique features, reliable service and of course our experience make us a leading provider of DICOM paper print solutions.


               Key benefits:

                       + Customer logo on prints

                       + DICOM 3.0 compatible

                       + DICOM Print Service Class SCP (Basic Grayscale/Color)

                       + LINUX operating system

                       + Glossy print (optional with special driver and printer)

                       + Gray scale Standard Display Function (GSDF) DICOM calibration (optional)

                       + Individual modality configurations

                       + Postscript optimization

                       + Presentation LUT (DICOM) for each modality connected

                       + Printer color correction capabilities

                       + Real-time output preview

                       + Remote maintenance

                       + 20-minute system recovery


+ Radiological Images

Aycan xray-print lets you print radiological and other medical images on plain paper at near film quality. It fits seamlessly into both traditional and PACS workflows to provide a low-cost solution for sharing images with referral physicians. With the aycan xray-print solution you can:

             - Print images for less than 10 cent.

             - Reduce your film costs by up to 90%.

             - Quickly and easily share very high quality images.

             - Improve communications with referral physicians & patients.




+ Extraordinary Savings

   From start to finish "purchasing to processing, handling, mailing, and archiving" working with film is expensive. Paper is extremely cost effective. 

        - Up to 90% cost reduction 

        - Low transportation cost - eliminate expensive courier costs, paper images can be sent through regular mail

        - No expensive film jackets - paper can be folded to standard sizes

        - Reduced labor cost - associated with tracking, filing, and transporting film

        - Environmentally Safe 


+ Simple and direct communication

   Paper prints are the most efficient and effective way to share images while simplifying and streamlining work processes.With paper prints, there's no need for light boxes or complex infrastructure and you can:

        - Share very high quality images easily and quickly.

        - Improve communication with referral physicians and patients.

        - Annotate for clarification.

        - Consult during surgery.

        - Integrate easily into patients records for archiving and future reference.


+ Optimized Intergration

   Aycan xray-print inte grates with hospital databases using the DICOM 3.0 standard. Images can be received from any modality and then printed on a certified aycan printer. The aycan xray-print software includes Presentation Look-Up Tables (PLUT) which allow you to set defaults and adjust im-age quality output settings (brightness, gray scale, contrast, etc.) for each modality.

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