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MyCD solution is a versatile digital media publisher for clinics, hospitals and imaging centers. The user can easily burn patient CD just sending the Dicom images to myCD, then software will automatically burn the single study CD, easy and fast. The authorized users can even burn multiple studies of a single Patient or multiple Patients in a CD /DVD with a simple and easy web based interface.

MyCD solution reduces the cost of film distribution, improves operational workflow and provides a highly professional product that can improves patient's services, produces a standard DICOM 3.0 part 10 formatted media. The Studies can be sent from multiple Dicom source including modalities, workstations or a PACS server

                    Key Features

                            - Easy to install

                            - Full automated process

                            - Independent on media producer, tested with Epson

                            - Store and burn Single Patient Study

                            - Customizable Media Labels

                            - Query and Manage Production Process

                            - Both Mac and Win integrated Viewer with autorun Utility

                            - Query and Retreive for Custom Media

                            - Single Patient, Multiple Study Media Creation

                            - Multiple Patients, Multiple Studies Media Creation




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