VNA Solution

+ Vendor Neutral Archiving fully DICOM-compliant up to image storage

                 + Wide application range

                 + Support 2D & 3D reading

                 + Integrated reporting capability

                 + Enterprise image and result distribution


 + True Vendor Neutral Archive and beyond

                 + Multiple format support like PDF, JPEG...

                 + Native file support (industry standards)

                 + Portal based access

                 + Information sharing across hospital





+ Patient Administration & Registration Module

   Include User Interface for efficient data entry. A pop-up window shows the examination history of the patient for quick reference. Optionally, additional function can be provided to include input of patient’s pictures for easy identification of patient.


+ Examination Booking

   A 2-screen layout to facilitate the booking of examination. The upper screen enables user to perform quick booking of the examination. The lower screen provides the ordering form and can be printed and send it to patient.




+ Reporting Portal

   Radiologist may do diagnostic and reporting at the same time with dual monitor setup.


+ Clinician Portal (Web Portal): Web-based application used by the referring clinicians, doctors & nurses in the wards. It is a valuable hospital-wide Report & Image distribution solution.

+ Clinician Worklist (Web Portal): Clean and user-friendly graphical-user-interface (GUI) to minimize user learning time on usage of application. Similar look-and-feel with the Reporting Module.