Alvo Modular Wall

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Operating theatre is the part of the hospital in which surgery is carried out. All hospitals strive to minimize the occurrence of post-operation infections and to maximize the number of surgeries carried out, while limiting the construction and exploitation costs. For our panel walls and ceilings, we use stainless steel of the highest quality, which meets international standards and the highest requirements of the health care system

Silver ion technology used in ALVO MEDICAL products ensures sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization. Antibacterial gasket is used to join the panels to ensure hygiene. Radiation proofing (X-Ray Protection) is also done if required. Alvo Medical recommends stainless steel technology of proven quality.


+ Stainless steel


       + High mechanic endurance
       + Easily washed – low surface roughness
       + Quality retention in both high and low temperature
       + Available with radiation-protective lead plates
       + Broad choice of surfaces and shapes
       + High aesthetics (modern, light, prestigious)
       + Environmental friendly
       + Recyclable
       + Highest hygienic safety and up to 99,9% bacteria reduction with the BioCote technology






 + High Pressure Laminate (HPL)


                 + High surface hardness, high resistance to bending, high tearing strength
                 + High chemical and biological resistance
                 + High impact strength
                 + Resistant to rot and biological corrosion
                 + Easy to machine and assemble
                 + Easy to clean and sterilize

                 + Insensitive to water and steam

                 + Available also with antimicrobial protection


+ Mineral-acrylic solid materials

Solid surfaces are durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, and easily repairable.



       + Durable and long-lived
       + Resistant to impact, stains and discolouration
       + Non-flammable
       + Easy to clean and maintain, easy to repair
       + Seamless, with homogenous joins, virtually invisible 
       + Hygienic: resistant against fluids,dirt,bacteria, mould, germs
       + Non-toxic
       + Versatile
       + Thermoformable
       + Environmental friendly







Glass, especially the professional antibacterial glass is a major innovation in the world of hospital architecture, including operating theatres

It is possible to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria from the surface. It also prevents the spread of fungi. Glass, apart from its hygienic advantages, has wonderful properties of light transmission that help create healing environments by bringing in more daylight.



    + Plain, smooth, easy to clean
    + Resistant to bacteria and chemicals
    + Modern, high aesthetics
    + Available with graphics